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Lipo 360 2

At POSH Estetika We Use Gentle Yet Powerful Instruments That Rapidly Remove Fat From Your Body.

Unlike traditional Liposuction procedures that can be uncomfortable, painful, and intimidating, our Lipo 360 technique only requires local anesthesia. This gentle approach minimizes swelling, bruising, and downtime, ensuring a comfortable and efficient recovery. With us, you can expect a smoother journey towards achieving your desired aesthetic.
Our exceptional team is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. Throughout the procedure, you can remain awake, yet at ease, enjoying your favorite music and a positive and reassuring experience. Depending on your BMI, we provide different options to our clients specifically to their needs.

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Experience transformation to a more confident you! Immerse yourself in the realm of POSH Estetika’s Dermal Fillers, Liposuction & Weight Loss Management treatments, and relax in the ultimate destination for fulfilling all your cosmetic desires.