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Dr. Dmitriy Buyanov

Dr. Buyanov, Posh Estetika

Dr. Dmitriy Buyanov: Bio

Dr. Buyanov certified in Advanced Liposuction for Tumescent Liposuction and Liposculpting Techniques at the The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery of Beverly Hills, California since 2021.

Dr. Dmitriy Buyanov is one of the best Fellowship-Trained Interventional Pain Specialists famous for inventing an advanced treatment, “The Buyanov Process,” to combat degenerative disc and joint disease recently ventured out into the world of plastic surgery. His surgical and non-surgical multi-level approach to beauty offers attention to detail, high precision, and 30 years of expertise in medicine.

Using the latest technology and research, he provides a nontraditional approach to weight loss management, antiaging, body sculpturing, skincare, and hormonal therapy.  He utilizes the Fit3D Body Scanner to get your body goals. He’s trained and certified by the leading plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills and offers his clients the benefits of awake liposuction with local anesthesia which has minimal recovery time.

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